07/09-Case Study: “Surprised Crooks Leave Stolen Truck Behind”

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07/09-Case Study: “Surprised Crooks Leave Stolen Truck Behind”

Roofing and Insulation Supply –

Marietta, GA – June 2009 – Regional Vice President & General Manager, Paul D. Smith, of Roofing & Insulation Supply was pleased when his security system returned his investment and saved him thousands within just a few weeks time.

Roofing & Insulation Supply is a well-known regional wholesale distributor of roofing, insulation, sheathing and related materials with 20 locations across the country. This particular Smyrna, Georgia location had been “stung” a few weeks earlier to the tune of $23,000 worth of stolen shingles filling 26 pallets.

Paul fully expected that this incident was not a “one-time” occurrence, and started planning for the probable return of the intruders.

After experiencing some “luke-warm” response from his current security vendor, Paul did a Google™ search and found Altec Systems, Inc., in Marietta, Georgia and gave them a call.

Altec Systems introduced RIS to one of their newest solution offerings called Videofied™. The Videofied™ wireless system works with cellular communication, and requires no lighting or A.C. power. “Altec overnighted the first three systems to me…pretty impressive,” noted Paul.

Soon, Paul began receiving a few e-mail alerts to his Blackberry™. With the Videofied™ system, the central station verifies each alarm. This ensures that police are notified only of actual intrusions, and not for minor, random activities like wandering cats or moving branches, which can otherwise be common causes of false alarms and unwarranted police dispatches.

Just a few short weeks later, Paul received the alert he was expecting. At 11:14 p.m., the central station was already verifying the video clip and dispatching the police. They had confirmed an intruder on site at his truck court area.

The Videofied™ system recorded the clip of an intruder attempting to open the gate to allow easy access to the materials on the truck. The system’s sirens scared the “would-be” thieves into the woods, leaving behind a previously stolen trailer which was sitting “ready and waiting” to take RIS’s material with them.

“This is organized crime – they know what they are doing and how to get in and out. The best news is that the word is out…don’t go to RIS; they have a system you can’t beat. Stay away!” Paul shared.

Although the intruders are still at large, RIS is more confident that their premises are not likely to be seen as an on-going “target” for these thieves. Even if the intruders return, they won’t be there long enough to be able to do any real harm. As the sirens ring, their surprised faces are being caught on video and police are promptly dispatched.

“It’s rare when all of your expectations are met,” commented Paul on the overall satisfaction with Altec Systems’ response and installation. “Your technician, Austin, even offered to cut back a few tree branches for us when they were swaying near our cameras.”

“Helping clients like Paul address situations just like this is what makes the security business so rewarding for us. We’re not satisfied until we know our clients are confident that their premises are safe and secure,” shared Tim Feury, Altec Systems, Inc., president.