Access Control

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Man swiping access card for building entry

Need to control access to your work areas, facilities, or confidential, sensitive information or equipment?  You’ve come to the right place! Altec Systems is a leader in access control and can provide the right solution at the right price for your specific needs.

What is Access Control?

Access control is simply the system that restricts entrace to a propery, building, or sensitive area to only those persons who are authorized to enter these areas. In physical security, access control is focused on whowhen, and where.  This type of system will determine who is allowed to enter or exit an area, when should they be doing this, and from where these individuals are entering and exiting.

Typically, automated door locks, card readers, and smart cards are used to provide this type of security.

Benefits to You

  • Credentials provided for all users
  • Access Granted and Access Denied transactions are recorded including time, user, and area
  • Hosted solutions can provide you real-time access to this information from anywhere with an internet connection!
  • Door remains locked when unauthorized entry is attempted
  • Automated scheduling of events such as lock/unlock door
  • Reporting on all systems events and activities

Access Control solutions make sense to many of our customers who need the security of knowing that persons entering their areas have been scrutinized through a combination of identification and authentication methods (I&A) as well as authorization and accountability processes.

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