Additional Value-Added Business Security Services

Business IT and Security on Demand

Altec Systems offers a variety of other value-added business security services to enhance our primary offerings. Here are just a few…​

Security – At Your Service!

Altec Systems can handle all of your access control details of your hosted security system with a simple phone call or web-request to our premier support team. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take it from there. Outsourcing this service, just as you do your phone or Internet service, just makes good business sense and translates to better productivity in your organization.

Access Control Assessment

System Design Services

Are you not quite sure exactly what type of commercial security system would work best for you, or where the best placement for protection devices would be? Altec Systems works with clients to uncover needs and design commercial security systems that meet both requirements and budget. Whether you are an architect requiring a comprehensive integrated commercial security system for a large facility, or a small business owner wanting to install a simple CCTV security system, Altec Systems’ years of experience can help provide the proper solution.

Service on Demand

When you experience a malfunction with your commercial security system, you need a security company that can respond with a trained technician,when you need them. Our team of licensed and certified technicians are equipped to handle any need, regardless of size or scope. We have the ability to meet the most demanding of response time requirements.

Project Financing

Sometimes our customers want the option of spreading their security investment over a few years rather than making a one-time payment. Altec Systems works with third party commercial security project financing companies to offer our customers multiple financing and leasing options at competitive rates.

Central Station Alarm Monitoring

A central station alarm security system or fire alarm system is only as good as the company providing the response. Altec Systems offers U.L. approved central station alarm monitoring. Services include basic alarm monitoring, daily test signals, opening and closing reports and interactive video monitoring.

Installation and Project Management

Once the decision is made to move forward with a commercial security system implementation, our customers expect their security system to be installed in a timely manner. Altec Systems’ team of certified technicians and installation partners is ready to handle any installation, regardless of scope or budget.

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