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Tutorial Videos (1-3 minutes each)

efile_banner_256x69 ecollaboration_banner_256x6
Secure your eFiles

Secured eFile – Secured Folder

Secured eFile – Secure Files

Secured eFile – Portable Packages

Secured eFile – Access Rights

Secure your eCollaboration

Secured eCollaboration – Secure files and folders

Secured eCollaboration – Create portable packages

Secured eCollaboration – Secure a document in Microsoft SharePoint

Secured eCollaboration – Automatic Encryption

Secured eCollaboration – Access rights

eusb_banner_256x69 email_banner_256x69
Secure your eUSBs

Secured eUSB – Kill Pill

Secured eUSB – Encrypt a flash drive

Secured eUSB reports

Secure your eMail

Secured eMail – Open secured email

Secured eMail – Open a secured email in Outlook

Secured eMail – Encrypt an email

Secured eMail – Download secured email reader

econtrol_banner_256x69 eguard_banner_256x69
Secure your Console

SEP Management Console – Roles Manager

SEP Management Console – Manage Templates

SEP Management Console – Manage policies

SEP Management Console – License management

Secure your eDevices

Secured eDevice – Central Management Console

Secured eDevice – Content Control

Secured eDevice – Policy Management

Secured eDevice – Reporting

Secure your eDisks

Secured eDisk Protect – Central Management

Secured eDisk Protect – Login

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