Secure File Sharing and File Synchronization

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Altec Systems has partnered up with Soonr® to provide you with the most secure and integrated solution for creating documents and working with your team. Now, you can work more efficiently than ever. Soonr helps you stay organized while you share your work easily with colleagues and clients. Use the dashboard for a quick view of what’s been updated. You have complete control over who has access to specific Projects, and as Teams change, your permission levels can be adjusted instantly. Your Team is made of both internal Members and external Connections.
Secure File Sharing and File Synchronization
Share Files – With Your Team Internally or Externally
Soonr supports a variety of file types, which means you can review and share everything with colleagues and clients – from Office documents to videos; and you don’t need additional software. Whether you’re working from home, in your office or traveling, Soonr is available from any device using a web browser and we have a great iPhone app. With Soonr, you’ve got the assistant you always dreamed of. Your work is immediately organized and automatically backed up while you work.

The Power of Projects

With Soonr, your files are organized into Projects where your Team can easily access them and work together from any location. Automatic email or SMS notifications mean everyone is kept in the loop about the latest changes. Users can work offline or remotely using a variety of mobile devices.

Soonr provides a special folder called Soonr Workplace, that is automatically created on your desktop when you install the client software. This folder allows you to automatically have a local copy of the files and folders that are stored online. It functions exactly the same as a local folder on your hard disk so that you can use the tools (file explorer, Finder, Microsoft Office, etc.) that you are already familiar with.


Soonr Workplace is the secure cloud for your business. Work with your Team from any device, anywhere in the world.

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