Ready to Migrate from Analog to IP Technology?

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Ready to Migrate from Analog to IP Technology?

ESX “Migrating to IP Technology” Panelists

Were you there?


If you were in Charlotte, NC, last week, you may have joined Altec Systems at the ESX (Electronic Security Expo.) We had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion hosted by Security Dealer & Integration Magazine’s editor, Deborah L. O’Mara, along with two other fine security panelists (L-R…Chistopher Wetzel of Intertech Security & Stephen Washburn of Convergint Technologies) on the topic of “Migrating to IP Technology.” Here’s a few thoughts on this topic…

Where are you in the Analog-to-IP migration discussion?

Do you find it at all confusing to muddle through the voluminous recent information on migrating your own analog world to the newer IP-based world? Are you asking “why do it? Do I need it? Should I do it now, or later, or at all?” Does anything need to be different in your own shop as a result and the ever important…What are the cost ramifications?

Why might I consider doing this migration?

Our clients typically have a few key reasons why they switch, including:

  • The newer technology gives more options and convenience of digital recording and advanced playback functionality for the end user.
  • Customers like the seamless look and feel and the ease of quickly finding and retrieving exactly what they need, when they need it.
  • IT Departments can readily partner with the security integrator in this migration. IT departments can easily manage, or co-manage, and maintain the infrastructure required to support the Video IP Solution (Video over IP) just as they do in their VOIP (Voice over IP) arenas today. It no longer feels like the IT group is handling the networks and the Security Integrator is handling the cameras and security. There is a “handshake” that works better for both IT and the Security Integrator through a more robust interface with this technology.
  • The cost of the infrastructure, itself, is typically reduced.
  • This strategy can be employed in baby steps, and/or with hybrid solutions and does not have to be completely migrated all at once. Both analog and IP can run side by side, should your strategy require this baby step in lieu of converting everything to IP all at once.

Take Those Baby Steps

  1. First, engage you IT Manager, CIO, or CTO in addition to your Security Director in starting and evaluating these solutions. Why? Because, both your budget considerations and migration strategy will impact the IT portion of your organization. Your IT folks need to be involved, earlier rather than later, to help assess any network impacts as well as your best strategy to make this transition seamless to your end users and make the best use of your existing assets.
  2. Evaluate your “current state” (what you have in place now, and its risks), your “future state” (where you want to be, and its risks) and the gap between the two.
  3. Engage your IT Professionals, your In-House Security Professionals, and your trusted Security Integrator Partner to assess the best solution to close those gaps.

A Few Final Thoughts

Those clients who have taken the time to ask a few questions and understand the solutions that will best serve their needs, are the ones that are truly embracing and reaping significant benefits from their IP CCTV solutions today.