Physical Security Layers Provide Added Protection

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Physical Security Layers Provide Added Protection

Physical Security Layers

It’s often said that the best defense is a good offense. Before criminals target your company, strike them first with a sound business security system. A strong physical security system will provide you with reliable criminal-deterrent protection. However, the best protection is to invest in a security system that provides physical security layers of protection. A good commercial security system will protect your property, the exterior part of the building and the interior part of the building. The difficult layers will make it harder for criminals to steal important information.

Secure Outside Layers

The first layer is your property. It extends from the building to the property line. These outermost properties of the business must be protected, such as parking lots, parking decks, sidewalks and grassy areas. The second layer is the outer facility. The outer facility is the walls holding up the building; in other words the walls, doors and windows passersby and drivers see. The third layer is the interior. The interior is the inside of the company. This is where rooms, offices and company belongings are located. This is the place where criminals want to reach. Invest in a first-class physical security system that is equipped to protect all layers, keep burglars outside and protect the employees on the inside. Other things companies may want to invest in is a fence, windows shutters, door security bars, padlocks with keys, combination locks, and access control solutions.

Secure Inside Assets

Along with preventing intruders on the outside a business should prepare for intruders on the inside. Some criminals are employees planning to steal what the company has. The unfortunate part is that those employees know where the data and the security devices are located. Don’t let those criminals get the upper hand. A good security system may prevent those criminals from achieving their goal. Another way is to limit the number of people having access to confidential files, vaults and safes. Be sure to change passwords often and implement sound internal security processes around access to software, data sensitive files, rooms, offices, and other potential target facility areas.

A layered offense is your best defense

A layered offense will be your best defense against intruders. Stack your defenses with a commercial security system that protects you, the employees and the company. Sign up for our free business security consultation for more information about the best solutions to defend your business.

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