Intrusion Detection – HUGE benefit of Cloud-Managed Network Security!

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Intrusion Detection – HUGE benefit of Cloud-Managed Network Security!

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our 10-Part series on Cloud Computing Benefits as we explored the advantages of using desktop cloud computing.

Here, in Part 2, let’s take a brief look at your network and review how network intrusion detection rocks when done in the cloud!

All companies, large and small, know the importance of anticipating, detecting, and blocking intrusions and intrusion attempts to their network(s), including internet worms, malware, unauthorized access attempts, Trojans, BotNets, etc.

The question, of course, is how to cost-effectively defend and protect your network against internal and external threats across all environments…distributed and centralized.

One surefire way is by engaging a professional cloud security services provider.

Fully-managed Security-As-A-Service Solutions can include everything from web and email security to data loss prevention, intrusion and access management.

Professional providers, such as Alert Logic, will scan your network using smart solutions that work together to collect network traffic data and analyze suspicious patterns as they appear. Analysts can then quickly act on events meriting action. What’s really impressive is that the best providers have tools that actually “learn” to recognize threats as they emerge.

Why is this so cool? First of all, the cloud-managed platform allows for unprecedented visibility and speed, so information can be acted on quickly to keep your data safe, wherever it lives!

Secondly, it’s proactive…meaning you are catching potential intrusions before they become real threats!

With each scan done to your network, these intelligent tools can automatically test every system and report the findings in detailed, actionable reports.

If you are serious about being compliant from a security standpoint, take a close look at cloud-managed network security. You can get complete visibility into your environment, and alleviate worries about compliance and security. The added bonus is you’ll most likely do this while saving your business time & money as well.