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Remembering our Founder, Tim Feury

Many knew Tim Feury as a strategic commercial security partner, “out-of-the box” thinker, and a trusted client-focused advocate.  He had an insatiable curiosity into the latest and greatest of all things technological. Tim’s humility, charisma, and endearing sense of humor, gave him an amazing ability to “hold court” with any group, while ensuring everyone felt comfortable and entertained.  This fine mix of qualities made…
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Employees Sharing Information: Security Risk?

Business security isn’t just for securing your physical space. Solutions like cameras, alarm systems, card access, surveillance, and remote video guarding are very effective for securing your physical business space, indoor and out. But, what about sharing information and all of your internal company workplace documents and projects? Emailing those large files, and corresponding about…
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Security Systems News names Austin Robinson in ’20 under 40′ class of 2016 Integrators

See Austin Robinson’s interview here…   Click Here For Full Article…    

Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) – Disruptive?

Traditional Beginnings Access Control systems have been being deployed for many years. Traditionally, an end user would procure these systems via a medium to large capital expendure. Today, with technologies such as software as a service and mobile devices, is this business model being challenged by Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)? Access control manufacturers…
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Altec Systems celebrates 20 Years!

Altec Systems celebrates 20 years in business! Click for full article from Security Systems News.

Managed Access Control in the snowstorm

Benefits of Managed Access Control in the Snowstorm

As you probably know, or actually experienced, the Atlanta, Ga. area got dumped on with a few inches of snow and ice in late January. This storm made traffic and travel horrendous and took folks many hours, and even days, to get to their homes. Businesses found it necessary to quickly revise their normal building…
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Beef Up Your Network Security With These Physical Protection Tips

It’s correct to focus on firewalls, virus protection, and other software measures to protect your company’s data. Hackers and viruses often try to destroy or steal information through virtual means. However, consider what would it would mean to your company if a laptop full of your customer’s credit card numbers is stolen from an employee’s…
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Getting Younger Employees to Understand Network Security

Hiring younger job candidates comes with the expectation that they will have a basic understanding of modern technology. Millennials use technology in almost every aspect of their everyday lives, whether they are using smartphones to communicate or laptops to work, and companies should consider what this implication means for the security of their business practices.…
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CCTV Plays Important Role in Theft Deterrent

Remember the days when we could all leave our doors unlocked and businesses didn’t require every kind of security from Internet security to trained and skilled security officers manning the front and back door? Sadly, those days have gone, but there’s no need to fret. There are multiple ways of securing your place of business…
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The Managed Access Control Growing Trend

Managed access control is a growing technological trend that is guaranteed to simplify the way your business functions and relieve you of painstaking management details that can take more time than necessary from the work of growing your business. Essentially, utilizing managed access control for your company allows you to outsource many of the time-consuming…
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