Business IT and Security on Demand

Why Cloud Services: The Remote Workforce

Most people associate the term “remote workforce” with high tech employment. However the fact of the matter is, the remote workforce can also include jobs such as salespeople, tradespeople, bookkeepers, employees stationed at remote sites, or employees who spend most of their day working directly with clients at client sites.   Why Cloud Services? Cloud…
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Physical Security Layers

Physical Security Layers Provide Added Protection

It’s often said that the best defense is a good offense. Before criminals target your company, strike them first with a sound business security system. A strong physical security system will provide you with reliable criminal-deterrent protection. However, the best protection is to invest in a security system that provides physical security layers of protection.…
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The ROI of Business Security

If your server crashed overnight, would you be able to recover your small business’s data? You and your employees create or update data every day. You add customer information, create financial documents or save marketing materials. This information is critical to your business security. Whether it’s the current data you use to distribute your services…
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Remote Video Guarding: Watching Your Facility from Afar

Imagine the ability to detect a burglary in progress on your property…and to establish control of the situation by having your 24×365 Central Station professionals actually speaking and listening to the trespasser through your Remote Video Guarding solution. Think of the ability to dispatch resources to prevent theft, or the potential to describe a burglar’s…
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Sending Encrypted eMail – Key Benefits (Part 7)

We’ve come to part 7 of our cloud computing benefits series. Today we’ll be looking at why sending encrypted email is an excellent example of wise cloud computing for your business. We’ve all seen them…the little blurb at the bottom of the email you may send or receive that contains all the legal jargon about…
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Insights into Virtual Infrastructure vs. On-Premise Solution (Part 6)

Here in Part 6 in our series on Cloud Computing Benefits, we’ll explore powerful alternatives to dedicated servers and on-premise machines. Let’s take a look at how employing hosted servers in a virtual infrastructure (also known as IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service) may have advantages for your business over using the traditional on-premise model.…
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Increasing Need for Network Security

There is a demand and increasing need for network security, especially with recent headlines continuously citing companies seeing security breaches and sensitive information being leaked or stolen.Major companies like Sony, Bank of America, Facebook, Twitter and others worth billions have seen multiple security breaches because of negligence to protect their information. Whether it’s a small…
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Top 7 Reasons To Consider Hosted VOIP For Your Business (Part 5)

Welcome to Part 5 of our 10-Part series on Cloud Computing Benefits. In this part, we’ll take a look at the top 7 reasons why employing a Hosted VOIP solution may be worth checking out for your business.   First of all, let’s define VOIP. Literally, VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol.…
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Physical Premise to Network Security

Ever wonder why so many still seek out multiple vendors…one for their physical premise business security (including services like access control and camera surveillance) and another for their network security (for services like intrusion detection and virus protection?) We wondered the same thing. That’s why, here at Altec Systems, we deliberately decided to offer both…
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