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Intrusion Detection – HUGE benefit of Cloud-Managed Network Security!

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our 10-Part series on Cloud Computing Benefits as we explored the advantages of using desktop cloud computing. Here, in Part 2, let’s take a brief look at your network and review how network intrusion detection rocks when done in the cloud! All companies, large and small, know the…
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Are Hosted Desktop Cloud Computing Benefits Real? (Part 1)

Welcome to our 10-Part series on Cloud Computing Benefits! Here, in Part 1, we’ll explore the benefits of using a cloud desktop as part of your overall business hosted cloud services. It’s a simple idea…no, really, it is! Hosted (Cloud) desktops remove the need for ‘traditional’ desktop PCs in the office environment, and reduce the…
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4 Key Ways Cloud Computing for Business Can Save You BIG

Heard lots of hype these days about cloud computing? Of course, you have. But, can cloud computing really help your business out financially? Yes! Actually, cloud computing is becoming a strong staple of a large number of businesses each day. Why? There are many reasons, but saving money is primary. 4 Ways to Save Money…
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Ready to Migrate from Analog to IP Technology?

ESX “Migrating to IP Technology” Panelists Were you there?   If you were in Charlotte, NC, last week, you may have joined Altec Systems at the ESX (Electronic Security Expo.) We had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion hosted by Security Dealer & Integration Magazine’s editor, Deborah L. O’Mara, along with two other…
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Remote Guarding – Saving Money with Technology

In today’s current economic times, more and more business are experiencing losses due to theft. Businesses that tend to store inventory outside are seeing greater losses of product. Traditionally, these businesses would have a couple options; either installing traditional burglar alarm devices that have been modified for outdoor use, or deploying a security guard to…
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Physical Security Moves to the Cloud

Traditionally, security systems such as access control and closed circuit television have involved the installation of software at the protected site in order for the end user to manage the system. With the growth of the internet, Software as a Service (SaaS) is seeing increased acceptance in applications such as CRM, ERP and Accounting. Today’s…
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